CB Avalanche Center2018-19 Observations

Location: Paradise Divide Area
Date of Observation: 11/19/2018
Name: MR

Aspect: North, North East, South, North West
Elevation: 10,600-12,700

Avalanches: None
Weather: beauty day. Strong afternoon winds out of the Northwest ish transporting snow off ridge lines.
Snowpack: 4-6 inches of new snow from Saturday night on top of mostly faceted snow down to the ground in most Northerly spots. Stubbornly breaker suncrust on one high southerly aspect that we had to navigate to get back on the aspects we wanted to ski.

On North facing terrain, above where the snowplug forms below Emerald Lake, at around 12,000 feet, we did find a pretty widespread old layer with new slightly wind-stiffened snow on top, with several avalanches at most r1-d1 that I would assume ran on sunday.

Steve Banks threatened to not heart my instagram posts if I didn’t submit an observation. This is the sort of strong-arming tactic the bullies at CBAC will use on you if you don’t submit your observations! Just, you know, fair warning.