CBAC2014-15 Observations

NAME: Evan Ross
DATE: 3/15/15
LOCATION: Snodgrass
WEATHER: Mostly clear, real warm and no wind.
NE slopes were getting sloppy and at 1pm had about 4-6″ of wet snow on the surface. Skiing on slopes less then 35 degrees produced pinwheels and roller balls that mde me wonder if you would have skier triggered the wet loose problem on steeper slopes? Persistent slab structure could be felt on all slopes traveled but was unreactive  in the form of any obvious signs to instability.
Dug on test profile on a due north facing slope at 9,650 feet. HS 135. Overall structure was a 75cm 4f-1f slab sitting on F+ facets. CT14SC, ECTP23 SC on this interface, both fractures where sudden but somewhat rough and not planner as they broke through the 2mm facets.
Heard 1 wet avalanche tumble off the east face of gothic around 1:30pm.