AIARE Rec 1 Tour day

CB Avalanche Center2017-18 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 02/18/2018
Name: Karin Pocock, Chris Pruden, Krista Hildebrandt

Subject: AIARE Rec 1 Tour day

ELEVATION: 9,600′-10,800′


Avalanche: None observed.

Weather: Clear skies, generally moderate west winds, moderate blowing snow at ridgetop for most of the day, no precip.

Snowpack: HS 80-120cm. Some collapsing observed on flats, but otherwise no signs of instability during travel. Pit at 10,750′ showed PST 45/100 end 80cm down on FC/DH to size 4. HS at this location 115cm. Skied slopes up to 30 degrees and felt comfortable with our choices.

Not for CBAC: Coney’s is rather skied out and variable thickness windcrust in most places after today’s wind.

LOCATION: Red Coon (Krista)

ELEVATION: 9,500 – 11,500′


Avalanche: Avalanche observed in Red Lady Bowl – D2?

Weather: same as above

Snowpack: Pit @ 11,500ft – CT5 SP dwn 60cm FC, HS 120CM, Snow srfc had variable 2-5cm wind and sun crusts depending on micro aspect changes in each pitch.

Not for CBAC: Egress from Red Coon Glades through aspens is horrendous with guests.

LOCATION: Snodgrass/Gothic Saddle (Chris)

ELEVATION: 10,000-10,000′


Avalanche: None observed

Weather: same as above

Snowpack: Obvious signs of instability, collapsing, whumpfing and sudden results in all tests. ECTPV, CT6 SC. Chose to ski most conservative line even in BTL terrain.