Anthracite Mesa-Coneys

CB Avalanche Center2014-15 Observations

LOCATION: Crested Butte Area
SUBJECT: Anthracite Mesa-Coneys
ASPECT: North East, East
ELEVATION: 9,400 to 10,900 feet


AVALANCHES: None on Coneys.
Schuylkill-observed N-SS throughout the entire ridge line. Most were D1 to D2 and covered all elevations (BTL/NTL/ATL). Appears that most convex slopes . Can see slides on moraines where lower skin track climbs and at the bottom of First Bowl to Thanksgiving Bowl.

Of note is that I didn’t see any slides in Redwell Basin or the gullies above the Gunsight Pass road between Redwell Basin and Wrong Chute.

WEATHER: Clear. No clouds. Calm. Warm

SNOWPACK: Tested a 30 degree slope on a convexity in the valley bottom. No cracking, whumping, or collapsing. Ski penetration was about 15 cm. No instabilities on skin track except heard one whump on ridge line above Cat’s Hat Glades Looked into these glades and didn’t see any failures.

Skied tree line between Cat’s Hat Glades and first bowl without any sloughing or movement. Lower 1/3 of slope was getting a tad heavier and a little sticky. Skis penetrated upper 18 cm of snowpack.