Anthracite Range

CBACCBAC Observations

Date of Observation: 11/27/2021
Name: Evan Ross, Eric Murrow

Zone: Northwest Mountains
Route Description: 8,800ft to 11,800ft on north facing terrain.

Observed avalanche activity: No
Avalanches: Few small sluffs, nothing notable.
Weather: Clear sky and calm wind. Thin overcast clouds moved around 2pm.
Snowpack: When we started the tour I couldn’t stand my ski pole up, thats a bad sign. By our high point the snowpack was averaging around 65cm’s deep. We had a serious group discussion on how to manage our main objective when it appeared to have a good fetch and notable wind-loading. In the end, any form of a slab in the terrain was isolated and discontinuous. Thankfully ski pen was around 15-30cm’s and the turns are real nice when they don’t find the ground.