CBMR AC avalanche results

CB Avalanche Center2015-16 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 02/01/2016
Name: CB Ski Patrol
Subject: CBMR AC avalanche results

Avalanches: Notable avalanche results from AC work today in Teo Bowl (right) and Phoenix Bowl.
Teo Bowl:
Out of Sight / Mind – 11,800’ East aspect, 40 deg. Slope. Typical wind loaded lens. 4# Air Blast. SS-AE-R2-D2-S Width 25m, Vert fall 125m
Soil yer shorts – 11,500’ E/SE aspect, 40 deg. Slope at start zone, outside of our current boundary, no skier traffic, effective previous AC work). SS-AE-R3-D2-G Width 25m, Vert fall 150m.
Wolf’s Lair – 11,325’ E/NE aspect, 40 deg slope. Previously open, but little to no skier traffic under cliffs at start zone. SS-AE-R3-D2-G Width 150m, Vert fall 150m
Land of Many Names – 11,250’ E/NE Aspect, Slope 40 deg. At start zone. Outside of our current boundary, no skier traffic, previous natural activity observed 12/27. SS-ASr-R3-D2-I Width 200m, Vert Fall 150m. Remote trigger by skier in flats, 20m from start zone.

Phoenix Bowl:
Low Exit – 10,500’ NE Aspect, Slope 40 deg. This area was in an area not yet open to public, no skier compaction, previous explosives work. SS-AS-R1-D1-O/G Width 20m, Vert fall 150m. Triggered with ski cut, took patroller for a ride, lost a ski, bruised thigh, partially buried.