Current Snow Coverage Pictures

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Date of Observation: 11/17/2021
Name: Evan Ross

Zone: Southeast Mountains
Route Description: Denver to Gunnison

Snowpack: As we head into another period without a notable storm, here are some pictures to help keep track of the current snow coverage. There are a few key ingredients driving the current snow coverage. Elevation, aspect, and location.

Elevation: The valleys are dry. Snow coverage is most consistent above treeline along the spines of the mountain ranges. Many near treeline elevations are fairly dry, or have patchy shallow snow, except for the snow belts along the Ruby Range and Elk Mountain.

Aspects: Northerly and easterly aspects have the best coverage across the board. The Ruby Range of course has the best coverage around the compass when compared to the other mountains. The spine of the Elk Mountains also looked to have coverage on all aspects at upper elevations. Then as you got closer to Star Pass, Taylor Pass, and further east you could see west aspects becoming blown out and south aspects looking thinner or more patchy.

Location: The spine of the Ruby Range of course wins out for the best looking and most consistent coverage. The Spine of the Elk Mountains also had consistent coverage at its western end, then thinner or more specific located snow coverage as you moved further east towards Taylor Pass.