Eleven Guides PM Report (Cat tenure)

CB Avalanche Center2017-18 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 01/11/2018
Name: Eleven Guides

Subject: Eleven Guides PM Report (Cat tenure)
Aspect: East, South East, South, South West, West
Elevation: 10000-12000


Another noisy day on slope with minimal avalanche activity, mostly because we avoided steep terrain. The rolling thunder
persists on flats and shady compression zones, and significant avalanche hazard on slopes >35ยบ A few small shallow
windslabs popped on the Jan 8 MFCr on Upper D&D, nothing stepped down to the basal layer.

Natural or remote D1.5, east facing BTL near gravel pit.

Weather: Partly cloudy morning with clouds hanging over high peaks all day. Orographic S-1 snowfall started to pick up mid afternoon. We picked up a T.
High 16, light WSW winds w Mod Gusts.
Snowpack: Overall, on Westerly terrain we’re seeing an unconsolidated pack (F-4F) with two
predominant crusts: 10 cm above ground pencil hard,3-5cm MFCr capping the depth hoar and Jan 8th ~1cm 1F,
MFcr, ~15-20 below surface (recent storm snow). Concern will grow when we get more snow or the slab stiffens. Explosives were not used today and avoidance was primary travel protocol. NTL/ATL significant westerly wind transport, perfect loading speeds.