CB Avalanche Center2016-17 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 02/19/2017
Name: Will Nunez
Subject: Emmons
Aspect: North, South, West
Elevation: 9,300-12,300

Weather: Brocken to increasing clouds with light to moderate winds out of the W-SW. Southerly slopes received strong solar with temps in the mid 30F. Light snowfall started around 1300 and increased to S1 to S2 with 2-3” new snow through out the afternoon by 1530.
Snowpack: No signs of instability of any instability where observed. The new snow that started at 1300 produced some fast moving sluffs on steeper NW slopes. A quick pit on a NW aspect shows F 4F 1F P HS 270cm Compression test had no results. The buried SH was found at 184cm the buried SH was unreactive and starting to round; it was also hard to separate the interface. Small to large sluffs were observed on S-SW- E slopes. Evidence cornice falls on E aspects were also observed.