Irwin Cat Operation

CB Avalanche Center2018-19 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 01/16/2019
Name: Irwin Cat Operation

Subject: Irwin Cat Operation


Avalanche observations: Numerous SS-ASr-R2/3-D1.5-I on west facing terrain, these were shallow storm slabs running full track and remotely. Widespread propagation across numerous start zones (Thortons skirt trigger thru D&D).Triggering was very sensitive in the AM, but by 1400, slab was stiffening and triggering was a bit more stubborn but still remote in nature. Shooting cracks and slumping in Binge, but did not propagate.

Weather: Weather summary: Poor visibility, strong WSW gusts recorded at Scarp Ridge since 2Am, but winds were often gusting out of the east on slope. Gusts went over 50 since 2pm out of the WSW. S1-S2 snow showers.

Snowpack: 6″ of 9% started our morning with an 1″per hr till 1300. We picked up 3″ by 1400 at the Study plot. Storm was skiing soft, but surface was wind stiffened on exposed terrain. Ski pen ~25cms but stiffening towards end of day. West and East were loaded/cross loaded and south was more storm pressed. Old crust was visible in scoured chokes like Sonic, Candy’s and NC, But Jaybirds-Bender were loaded.