Irwin Cat Ski Obs

CB Avalanche Center2018-19 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 01/30/2019
Name: IG

Subject: Irwin Cat Ski Obs


Avalanche observations: Larger Anfo shots were able to pull out shallow windslabs, running Â3⁄4 of the way down track. Only significant slide was out of Spool below Left Eye. Anfo AB pulled refrigerator hs chunk and it gouged into deeper layers mid track. HS-AE-R2-D1.5 Also, no significant propagation outside of effective range of explosive. Hand shots had cratered with no results.
Lone Wolf HS-AE-R1-D1- U (cm x m x m)

Weather: Relentless strong guests out of the WSW, nearing extreme at 1600. Sunny and chilly, minimal solar impact.

Snowpack: Minimal snow transport, more stiffening then loading. Windward surfaces were smooth and grabby, but still able to find adjacent quality textured snow. Protected terrain was skiing well.