Irwin Tenure

CB Avalanche Center2016-17 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 01/05/2017
Name: Irwin Guides
Subject: Irwin Tenure
Aspect: East, South, West
Elevation: 10,000-12,000

Avalanches: Largest: D1.5 ran off a double shot in 2D at upper rockband, 16″ tapering crown, classic wind pocket in center BW D&D ran to photog tree island. Numerous D1’s 2-4″ (Mid storm today) deep high speed sluffs.
Weather: 27″, 4.5″ SWE storm total. OVC and snowing S5 all day. Winds calmed to light with moderate gusts at ridge top , but weather station still down.
Snowpack: Study plot was almost buried this AM, big wind drift out of the South, hence our 15″ w 2.8″ SWE. We picked up another 11″ by 12:15 of ultra low density snow. Explosives had the same results as ski cuts. Nothing broke into old snow, today’s SS propagating mid storm 2-4″ down. Yesterday’s storm is wind buffed 4F-1F supportive @ 20cm down with todays new snow on top. Boot top ski pen @ Lunch. HST stake buried at lunch. 60cm boot pen in upper FarOut @1400.