Irwin Tenure

CBAC2014-15 Observations

Recent Observations: (Surface, structure, cracking, collapsing, PWLs, Ski Pen)

Wind stripped snow in higher terrain exposing old tracks on west terrain even in mid to lower westwall. Looked like straight west Winds. Small isolated wind slabs up to 1F hardness. Snow remained dry, no solar radiation.

East: Paperboy Route w/ ski cuts, no explosives. Fresh Wind slabs developed very touchy with ski cut triggering wind slab in Swill & Bender. Swill SS-ASc-R1-D1-I. 100’ wide 10-20” deep, ran 500’ through choke. Candy’s & Sonic also triggered but smaller 6” deep, ran short of Choke. Wind slab less developed past pre-evac.

South: Small 4” windslabs in Sunny Shoulder barely running. Cocktail Bowl Skiing very well!

West: Sunset L&R a little wind effected but good, small windslab from a ski cut on round two. 8-12” deep 30’ wide, ran 40’.

Upper Upper: Isolated windslabs in lower UUWW. Not UUWW proper. Very shallow windslabs 1F pulling out and stubbornly running short distances from airblasts. Significant scouring, probably lost 1-3f feet of snow depth from terrain. Probably one reason for no results, decreasing load!