Kebler Pass Area

CBAC2014-15 Observations

DATE: 2/27/15
ELEV: 9,000-12,000
WEATHER: OVC & BKN,  winds calm BTL & Mod gusting to strong @ TL & Alpine but chaotic directions S0-S2 pulses, PP, GP, 0.5 -3mm  2-3″ over the day

AVALANCHE/SNOWPACK OBS: Many sluffs spindrift off steep terrain & cliffs, slashed a couple 35-40* small roll overs & only got one tiny slab to pop off, the rest sluff’d

SNOWPACK: Numerous (>12) collapses & shooting cracks on flats & N-NE slopes up to 30* 9,500ft to 12K failing ~30-40cm into the old NSF with the underside of the slab (can hold it in your hand) from last week embedded with facets. Ski pen 30-40cm