Kebler Pass Area snow surface obs

CB Avalanche Center2014-15 Observations

LOCATION: Kebler Pass Area
NAME: Zach Guy
SUBJECT: Kebler Pass Area snow surface obs
ELEVATION: 11,000-11,800 ft

AVALANCHES: No signs of instability

WEATHER: Light to Moderate west winds. Few clouds. Temps rose to 39F at 10,000 ft, and 27F at 12,000 ft.

SNOWPACK: The fresh surface snow was moist midday on SE to SW aspects.

On E to SE aspects near/above treeline: A few 4″ thick pockets 1F recently drifted snow in the upper 15 feet of start zones, well bonded. This surface was small (<.3mm) windpacked rounds (RGwp). Most of the terrain was 1-2″ of decomposing fragmented particles (DF, DFbk) with .3mm near surface facets growing, over the Feb 16th Meltfreeze crust, which is thick and supportive.

On South aspect near treeline: 1mm radiation recrystallization facets over 1” of moist snow, over the February 16th MFcr. May have gotten cooked later in the day on steep slopes? Still easily visible on low angle late in the day. No obs from steep terrain

On West aspect above treeline: Top 1/3 of start zones blown out to Feb 16th meltfreeze crust, which is wind scalloped texture. Bottom 2/3 of run holding the last 2” of fresh snow over Feb 16th MFcr, sastrugi texture, looked like some near surface faceting but didn’t pull out hand lens. No recent windloading visible across the whole wall.