Mountain Weather 12/3/2017

CB Avalanche CenterWeather

Date: 12/03/2017

Currently on Sunday morning conditions are still calm with thin clouds and mild temperatures but that’s all about to change later today. A low-pressure system moving into the northwest US this morning will be passing to our north through tomorrow afternoon. The big news for us with this system will be the winds. Pressure gradients are going to tighten as this trough dips into Colorado with wind gusts exceeding 50mph in the mountains. Those southwest winds will build this afternoon and peak this evening. A cold front will also drastically drop temperatures for the coming day. As it passes this evening we will see a quick burst of snow. The typical snow favored spots in the Kebler Pass and Paradise Divide areas could pick up 4-5” of snow overnight but these areas will be right on the southern edge of the snow forecast, so confiding is low. Conditions will mellow through the day tomorrow as we stare down a dry extended forecast for the week and beyond.