Mountain Weather 1/23/2017

CB Avalanche CenterWeather

Date: 01/23/2017

Snow showers were a bit slow to develop over central Colorado last night. Light showers started around midnight and accumulations are just squeaking into the bottom range of the forecast. Never the less we still have a large winter storm today. Pacific moisture has arrived on southwest flow, with lift being aided by a very strong jet over head. Early this morning winds have started guesting to 90mph at 12,000 as this strong jet has sagged south over Colorado. We will see periods of heavy snowfall and strong winds today. Snowfall will easy heading into Tuesday and Tuesday night. Monday night we’ll see a cold front dip into northern Colorado with colder area moving into central Colorado on Tuesday. wind directions become northwesterly to north as we’ll be on the back side of a low pressure moving into the central plains on the Monday night Tuesday timeframe as well.