Mountain Weather 4/14/2017

CB Avalanche CenterWeather

Date: 04/14/2017

Clear sky Thursday night allowed for snow surfaces to freeze while valley temperatures dropped into the upper 20’s and 11,000ft temperatures to drop to right near freezing. High temperatures Friday should be should a couple degrees cooler then yesterday with another small decrees on Saturday. A low pressure trough will be moving by north of Colorado during this time period. This passing trough has brought increased gusty winds to the alpine for Friday morning into midday. By Sunday night into Monday, another passing trough looks to sag a little further south and at this point only looks to bring some increased clouds. There are a few chances for a change in weather looking out to next week, but currently nothing to promising. May be time to start shoveling your snowbanks into the melted out portions of your yard to start watering.