Mountain Weather for 11,000ft

CB Avalanche CenterWeather

Date: 11/28/2019

A strong low-pressure system is spinning off the coast of California this morning and has placed Crested Butte under a warm, moist southerly flow. This system will not start producing significant snowfall until Friday morning and last through Saturday before leaving the area with sunny skies on Sunday. Temperatures are much warmer than yesterday, generally in the 20’s this morning. A skiff of new snow fell last night at CBMR, but other locations look to be dry. For today you can expect mild temperatures, gusty south winds, and maybe just a flurry or two, but no accumulations.
Total snowfall accumulations for Friday and Saturday look to be in the 6″ to 14″ range across the forecast area with favored locations receiving up to 1″ of water. An associated cold front will move across the area on Friday helping to produce snowfall. Strong westerly winds are expected with this storm. Looks like the snowpack will continue to grow over the next few days!

  • Today

    High Temperature: 24 to 28
    Winds/Direction: 11 to 21, S
    Sky Cover: Overcast
    Irwin Snow: 0″
    Elkton Snow: 0″
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 0″ to trace

  • Tonight

    Low Temperature: 14 to 18
    Winds/Direction: 12 to 22, G40 S
    Sky Cover: Overcast
    Irwin Snow: 0 to 1″
    Elkton Snow: 0 to 1″
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 0 to 1″

  • Tomorrow

    High Temperature: 20 to 24
    Winds/Direction: 24 to 34, G50 SSW
    Sky Cover: Overcast
    Irwin Snow: 7″ to 9″
    Elkton Snow: 6″ to 8″
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 5″ to 7″