Mountain Weather for 11,000ft

CB Avalanche CenterWeather

Date: 01/13/2019

For Sunday a closed low-pressure system is sitting over southern Utah and will pass by to the south of Colorado. This system will have just enough energy and moisture to keep the clouds and a few snowflakes around for another day. Accumulations will be just an inch or two at best. Winds will remain light today as they have for the past couple of days. Skies will begin to clear a bit on Monday before the next approaching snow producer that looks to arrive sometime during the middle of this week.

  • Today

    High Temperature: 19 to 24
    Winds/Direction: 2 to 12, SE
    Sky Cover: Mostly Cloudy
    Irwin Snow: 0 to 1
    Elkton Snow: 0 to 1
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 0 to 1

  • Tonight

    Low Temperature: 2 to 7
    Winds/Direction: 2 to 12, SW
    Sky Cover: Partly Cloudy
    Irwin Snow: 0
    Elkton Snow: 0
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 0

  • Tomorrow

    High Temperature: 24 to 29
    Winds/Direction: 2 to 12, W
    Sky Cover: Partly Cloudy
    Irwin Snow: o
    Elkton Snow: o
    Friend’s Hut Snow: o