Mountain Weather for 11,000ft

CB Avalanche CenterWeather

Date: 02/14/2019

The preamble is over. Time to batten down the hatches and get the bailing bucket out. Forecast snowfall and associated water numbers are impressive for the next 24 hour period, with a big plume of moisture billowing out of the Pacific. Today, showery snowfall will continue and southwesterly winds should subside slightly above treeline, before ramping up between 4-5pm. Heavy snow and strong southwest winds will continue through the night. Temperatures today will be quite balmy, highs flirting with the freezing mark, before cooling tonight into the low to mid 20s. Okay…probably should throw some numbers out. Expect 12-18″ of new snow in Kebler and Schofield Passes by tomorrow afternoon. 8-12″ closer to Crested Butte, Brush, and Cement Creek areas. Snow will continue through the weekend potentially.

  • Today

    High Temperature: 27-32
    Winds/Direction: 10-20/WSW
    Sky Cover: Mostly Cloudy
    Irwin Snow: 2-4″
    Elkton Snow: 1-3″
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 1-3″

  • Tonight

    Low Temperature: 20-25
    Winds/Direction: 10-20/SW G40s
    Sky Cover: Mostly Cloudy
    Irwin Snow: 12-18″
    Elkton Snow: 10-16″
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 8-12″

  • Tomorrow

    High Temperature: 25-30
    Winds/Direction: 10-20/W
    Sky Cover: Decreasing clouds
    Irwin Snow: 1-3″
    Elkton Snow: 1-3″
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 0-2″