Mountains to the West of CB obs

CB Avalanche Center2018-19 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 03/04/2019
Name: Evan Ross

Subject: Mountains to the West of CB obs
Aspect: North, East, South, South West
Elevation: BTL/NTL


During this 3 day period. No avalanches where observed BTL in the Kebler, CB Town, and Washington Cultch areas (not all slopes viewed of course). While the weather was clear on the morning of 3/4, a very large crown could be seen on the Spork of Mt Gothic (observed in other observations). A large avalanche within the new snow was observed above treeline on a south aspect of Mt Baldy. Poor visibility of something on a southerly ATL slope of the White Massive, and poor visibility of something on a NE aspect NTL in the Skyukill area, all failing during 3/3 loading.

Weather: 3/4: Partly cloudy in the morning becoming mostly cloudy in the afternoon. Afternoon weather seemed convective wish short bursts of S2. Maybe 2″ of new snow by the late afternoon. Generally light winds, certainly some drifting at times and probably more at higher elevations.


3/4: Washington Cultch. No signs to instability. Mostly traveling on slopes up to 200 feet in vertical or smaller and up to the mid 30 degree range with a snowmobile. No shooting cracks or signs to a Storm Slab avalanche problem on shelter terrain and winded loaded terrain. Cut across several larger and steeper slopes with more vertical and no remote triggering or collapses felt. Bomb holed off plenty of cornices. Many different aspects traveld. 2 avalanches Observed above treeline from yesterday, otherwise no avalanches observed at NTL/BTL elevations from this last storm. Visibility cut out in the afternoon and limited alpine observations. HST on a SSW aspect at 11,200ft was 90-95cm.

3/3: Kebler Pass area. Again traveling on smaller terrain with slopes up to 200 feet in vertical and in the mid 30 degree range. All terrain was BTL and in the Kebler Pass or Irwin Area. No Storm Slab or Persistent Slab issues observed in this lower elevation and smaller terrain.

3/2: Snodgrass to Gothic Rd. Large group of skiers traveling on slopes in the mid-30 degree range. Thick heavy new snow. No collapses observed and no storm slab issues found.