Ruby Range

CB Avalanche Center2019-20 Observations

Location: Kebler Pass Area
Date of Observation: 04/01/2020
Name: Evan Ross
Subject: Ruby Range
Aspect: North East, East, West, North West
Elevation: 9,500-13,000

Avalanches: Unintentionally skier triggered one small Wind Slab. NW, 12,000ft. Mostly noticed small loose wet avalanche activity from yesterday on East-South-West. Another large cornice fall off East Beckwith. That cornice didn’t appear to trigger a slab below, but the debris were still large in size. Hard to tell how fresh it was.

Weather: Moderate winds, with some stronger gusts. Snow available for transport is running low. Partly cloudy sky in the morning became mostly cloudy in the afternoon.

Snowpack: Same same for conditions. Managing a couple small avalanche problems. Those small avalanche problems are enough to push you into more hazards terrain given the types of terrain we ski this time of year. Mostly loose wet and old wind slabs. The largest avalanche problems were dealing with cornice hazards from above or below.