Ruby Range

CBAC2014-15 Observations


DATE: 3/15/15

LOCATION: Ruby Mtn, Kebler Pass

ELEVATION: 10,200-12,800
WEATHER: Mostly clear, warm, light breeze at ridge top, noticeable temperature difference above 11,500′ this am.
SNOWPACK/AVALANCHE OBS: As of 1100 am, on steep South Facing terrain (~40*ish), above 12,500′, we found a slight layer of corn over a weak 3cm thick MF crust over 15cms of dry snow (wind loaded layer post storm ?) on a K hard 1cm ice layer (green housing layer immediately post storm?). Below 11,500′ MF crust became soft and mushy and ski pen was 15cms or more. No instabilities seen, though snowpack structure we found, was very much in transition still, and should not be taken for a true Spring Melt Freeze cycle yet.