Snodgrass Natural Avalanches

CB Avalanche Center2014-15 Observations

LOCATION: Crested Butte Area
NAME: Gary Dotzler
SUBJECT: Snodgrass Natural Avalanches
ASPECT: North East
ELEVATION: 9600-11,000


AVALANCHES: Many naturall avalanches visible on Snodgrass looking south from Gothic townsite, Once mountain became visible around 11am Tuesday, March 3, 2015 I could see many natural slides on Snodgrass in all the usual locations. At least 8 slides visible and these are all the parts of Snodgrass furthest from CB, and less skied by town folk. Couldn’t see the popular ski runs on Snodgrass but would assume similar scenario.

I’ve seen Snodgrass with more slides on it, after bigger dumps, which indicates to me that a lot of the un-slid areas are near the tipping point but not quite there for naturals to occur, this would give me pause were I to ski an area that didn’t slide (which I’m not gonna do).