Snodgrass Study Plot 2/7/21

CBAC2020-21 Observations

Date of Observation: 02/07/2021
Name: Jack Caprio
Zone: Southeast Mountains
Aspect: North East
Elevation: 10,300′ below treeline

Avalanches: No new avalanches observed.

Weather: Few clouds. Temps in high teens and low 20’s. Moderate to strong westerly winds. Noticeable snow transport off neighboring peaks.

Snowpack: HS at the study plot was 95 cm. There was a 37 cm slab sitting on top of the 1/19 interface. The slab hardness increased from F to 4f just above the interface. 1/19 interface consists of 2-2.5 mm faceted crystals. Below the 1/19 layer is a mess of various faceted grains which generally grew in size the deeper they were in the snowpack. Snowpit tests resulted in moderate propagating results on the 1/19 layer, and a fracture, but no propagation on the 12/10 depth hoar layer. In a propagation saw test, the 1/19 interface propagated to the end of the column, while the 12/10 layer did not.