Snodgrass Tour

CB Avalanche Center2018-19 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 12/09/2018
Name: Avy 1 course

Subject: Snodgrass Tour
Aspect: North East
Elevation: 10,301


Wet Loose on Gothic bottom of the spoon and looker right S/SE aspects
Wind Slab off peak of Gothic N/NE
Avery large dry loose S/SE aspect
multiple loose stuffs on red lady bowl

Weather: Temp: low 20’s
Sky: Clear
Wind: Light out of the NW
Precip: None
Snowpack: Pits
Aspect: NE
Elevation 10,301
HS: 84-72cm
Basel facets ranged 13cm-22cm

Tests :
CT11 SP & CT12 SC

Lots of cracks and collapses throughout our tour.