snow surveys and obs

CB Avalanche Center2018-19 Observations

Location: Crested Butte Area
Date of Observation: 01/31/2019
Name: ADB

Subject: snow surveys and obs
Elevation: BTL


See pic of old slab near the yurt on CB Nordic. This slide occurred during the natural storm cycle we experienced in the last 10 days? I have never seen this small 40 foot convex slope slide while doing surveys between January and May. SS-U-R1-D1. Maybe this was remotely triggered from grooming operations 50 feet away? Aspect is E/SE. It’s away from the groomed track but we think we used to ski down that to get to the snow course 4 years ago.

Weather: Clear and calm. cold temperatures in the morning with near freezing in the sun in early afternoon.

Snowpack: Crested Butte Snow Course-Town elevation: depth of snow ranged between 33 and 41 inches; snow water equivalent is about 6. 2 inches. ground is moist.
Keystone Snow Course (bottom of Red Lady Glades): snow depth ranged between 33 and 43 inches; snow water equivalent is about 10 inches. Snow is more consolidated and dense than town.
Sidenote: Please don’t hike up the mine road to access Red Lady Bowl or the Glades. There’s heavy equipment moving snow. Thanks!!! ADB