Washington Gulch

CBAC2014-15 Observations

GUIDE(S): Donny
DATE: 15-02-17
ELEVATION: 9,400’ to 10,900’

WEATHER: Clear, temps in the teens, strong wind from the north all day.

SNOWPACK/AVALANCHE OBS: Well, I guess we can add wind-hammered to our challenges. The wind was moving snow all day. In the Coney’s area, more southern tilted aspects were loading and developing a stiff crust. By 3PM the windboard was about 2” thick. More northern aspects were scoured and scalloped. HS was no more than 80cm and below the new wind crust was all facets of various sizes. Dug a pit for demonstration purposes and found 3mm DH in the bottom 20cm of the snowpack. All of this said, through the end of the day we saw no signs of instabilities besides small “dinner plates” breaking loose.