Washington Gultch

CBAC2014-15 Observations

NAME: KristaDATE: 2015.03.08ACTIVITY: Avy 1 ClassLOCATION: Coney’sASPECT: NE

WEATHER: Mostly clear, mostly warm, only a little breezeAVALANCHE/SNOWPACK OBS: Avy 1 class toured up a less than 30 degree north facing slope from 9500 – 11,000ft. 140cm (+/-) snow depth, with a distinct strong over weak snow pack was felt throughout the tour. No signs of instabilities were felt under foot today, however the class was amazed with the amount of avalanches that were visible (literally everywhere) from their ridge top tour. Skiing quality was supportive, penetrating only 20 cm into the snowpack, and no crusts were felt on the north aspects. A new sun crust was forming on the lower angle terrain however, where the sun was affecting the surface of the snow.