Anthracite Mesa-Coneys

10webCBAC Observations

Date of Observation: 01/28/2023
Name: Andrew Breibart

Zone: Southeast Mountains
Route Description: Washington Gulch to Coneys via normal skin track.

Observed avalanche activity: No
Weather: Moderate to strong winds from the west on the ridge with snow transport into first bowl and second bowl. In the lower 1/3 of the slope and in the valley bottom, moderate downslope winds with blowing snow. Intermittent periods of S1 snowfall. Wind was the main cause of changes in snow depth and texture. skies were obstructed which precluded the ability to observe avalanche activity.
Snowpack: skin track snow depth: 30 cm (12) inches in the lower part of the skin track and up to 53 cm (21) inches below the ridge on a leeward slope.
summit ridge snow depth: above convex corner was about 25 cm (10 inches) and approximately 10 cm (4 inches) above first bowl.