CBMR avalanche observations

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Date of Observation: 01/17/2023
Name: J. Mortimer

Zone: Southeast Mountains
Route Description: CBMR A/C Operations

Observed avalanche activity: Yes
Avalanches: • Avalanche observations from today and yesterday are listed here due to InfoEx not populating the Obs. into the email correctly under avalanche observations
• 01.16.23
High Exit – 3rd Bowl
SS-ASr-R1-D1.5-O/G This avalanche was remotely triggered by a patroller stomping snow at the base of a tree in a safe zone. A loud collapse and whooph was heard Multiple 2 lb. shots on snow had been deployed
• Funnel
HS-AE-R3-D3-O/G Large hard slab avalanche triggered with two simultaneous 4 lb. shots in snow. The avalanche ran full track. The depth of the debris was 75 to 155 cm
• 01.17.23 Bermuda Triangle
This avalanche was triggered with one 2 lb. shot in snow at 10,600’ on a NE aspect in Bermuda Triangle / Phoenix area
The avalanche occurred on a 55 degree slope was 200’ wide, vertical fall 800’ ran 800’
Crown depth was 5 to 6 feet