Crested Butte Area

CBAC2014-15 Observations

NAME: Evan Ross
DATE: 2/10/15
ELEVATION: 9,900-10,900

Weather: Partly cloudy sky in the Washington gulch area with plenty of sun and warm temps to soften snow on sunny slopes. Farther west cloud cover looked overcast. Light winds for the most part.

Snowpack: Wet, gloppy snow surface below 10,000ft on sunny slopes and even some shaded slopes. Higher up the snow surface was cooler and crusts from the last few days where noticeable on slopes that had a more eastern tilt to them. Found buried surface hoar down 40cm below a 1f slab in the starting zone of coneys. Found the SH mid way down the bowl too, about 30cm down. Skied the bowl with many other tracks and still no obvious sings to instability.