Gothic 7am Weather Update

CBACCBAC Observations

Date of Observation: 12/26/2021
Name: billy barr

Zone: Southeast Mountains

Weather: Really little to report. The wind stopped mid day Saturday and there was gradual clearing and it dropped to 2ºF during the night before clouds moved back in and is at 24F now. There was scattered light snow with 1″ new and water of 0.11″. The wind started back around 3 a.m. and has not let up. A nasty day ahead. Snowpack sits at 39½” and sky is obscured and windy 8-15 SW gusts to 30 with a very light to no snowfall. –This winter is still 23% below average on snowfall but, get this, just 1% below in water content, which shows how dense these storms have been.