Gothic wx

CBACCBAC Observations

Date of Observation: 12/07/2022
Name: billy barr

Zone: Southeast Mountains
Route Description: Gothic townsite

Observed avalanche activity: No
Weather: It continues sunless with off and on wind, though none overnight. Almost constant snow except from mid-afternoon Tuesday until night but light snowfall overnight (4″, 0.21″ SWE) and very light density. The 24-hour totals are 9½” new and water 0.61″ with currently 30″ on the ground. Obscured again with basically no current snowfall except for a few flakes while calm. Temperature stays mild after high of 28 and the low, and current, 19. No wind. The new snow is light enough to have a limited effect on snow stability, though snowpack was still collapsing in places late yesterday. And the clouds continue. billy