Mountain Weather for 11,000ft

CB Avalanche CenterWeather

Date: 11/24/2018

The second round of snow has arrived in the Crested Butte area. Heavy snowfall began to ramp up at around midnight and will continue through Saturday and into Saturday night. This system is pushing down out of the northwest with ample moisture and energy. Strong winds will be associated with this storm. Expect west and northwest winds to blow around 20 to 30mph during the peak of the storm with gusts reaching as high as 50mph.

  • Today

    High Temperature: 23 to 28
    Winds/Direction: 15 to 25 G60 W
    Sky Cover: Overcast
    Irwin Snow: 8 to 12″
    Elkton Snow: 8 to 12″
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 7 to 10″

  • Tonight

    Low Temperature: 0 to 5
    Winds/Direction: 7 to 17 NW
    Sky Cover: Mostly Cloudy
    Irwin Snow: 0 to 2″
    Elkton Snow: 0 to 2″
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 0 to 2″

  • Tomorrow

    High Temperature: 15 to 20
    Winds/Direction: 5 to 15 NW
    Sky Cover: Mostly Clear
    Irwin Snow: 0
    Elkton Snow: 0
    Friend’s Hut Snow: 0