Mt Axtell

CBACCBAC Observations

Date of Observation: 01/06/2022
Name: Evan Ross Zach Guy #jackisback

Zone: Northwest Mountains
Route Description: Mt Axtell. North. 11,300-9,500.

Avalanches: In 1st bowl. A D3 or very large avalanche had propagated wall to wall across the start zone in 1st bowl during the last round of natural avalanche cycles. This avalanche either broke or limbed the small trees as it ran for about 60% of the defined avalanche path.

In 2nd Bowl. A very large avalanche ran to the historic trim line of the avalanche path. There appeared to be a few mature trees taken out near the historic trim line but the avalanche path wasn’t extended.

The avalanche debris below the shield also took out some older trees and a section of aspen forest.

Weather: Mostly Cloudy, S-1 in the morning tapered off. Very little snow accumulation.

Snowpack: A few inches of very dense rimed new snow had accumulated. Ski pen was in the 10 to 15cm range. 1st Bowl had anywhere from 0 to 3 feet of snow on the old bed surfaces and avalanche debris. In one location just below the crown, there was a 60cm slab that had been rebuilt over on the old bed surface and 30cm’s of well-developed faceted grains. I’d suspect that those remaining facets were better cleaned out below that location. We found no signs of instability throughout the tour.