Remote Trigger on Snodgrass + Pit Observations!!!!!

10webCBAC Observations

Date of Observation: 01/03/2023
Name: Whitney Gilliam

Zone: Southeast Mountains
Route Description: We were traveling on the lookers left side of the typical Snodgrass skinner (below tree line, elevation ~10,400ft) and triggered the slope opposite us that was about 300m away. The avalanche went on a convex roll on an E/NE facing slope. It appeared to go to the ground (hence all the grass in the photo). Prior to seeing this beautiful avalanche from a distance, we had a large collapse and wumph where we were in the trees (SE facing slope BTL).

Observed avalanche activity: Yes
Avalanches: ~D2 size avalanche on a E/NE facing slope. Remote triggered.
Weather: Winds – Light, predominantly from the south
Light to moderate snowfall (AW YEAHHH keep it comin!)
Snowpack: Pit dug on an E aspect BTL (~10,800ft elevation, in the aspens near California bowl on Snodgrass) slope angle was about 10degrees.
All failed on the same mid-December PWL
PSTend 35/100