Ruby Range alpine ob

CBACCBAC Observations

Date of Observation: 11/02/2022
Name: Eric Murrow

Zone: Northwest Mountains
Route Description: Toured from base of switch back at the head of Slate River up towards Purple Mountain.

Observed avalanche activity: No
Weather: Sunny skies, mild air temperatures, and moderate wind speeds with small amounts of snow transport above treeline.
Snowpack: Continuous snow coverage exists on the north half of the compass in this portion of the forecast area ranging from around 10 inches below treeline to a bit more than 2 feet above treeline. Small faceted grains (less than 1mm) comprise much of the snowpack on shaded slopes. Above treeline on northerly slopes, the snow surface was a mix of stiff windboard and soft faceted grains. At the highest elevations, there is a melt/freeze crust resting on the ground from snow early in the fall (see profile image). The few sunny slopes traveled showed a shallow, moist snowpack without any concerning weak layer formation.