The wind is fun

CBACCBAC Observations

Date of Observation: 03/23/2022
Name: Eric Murrow

Zone: Northwest Mountains
Route Description: Washington Gulch to Elkton and tour around sunny side of Mount Baldy

Observed avalanche activity: No
Avalanches: no fresh avalanches were observed
Weather: Clear skies and strong northerly winds. There was constant snow transport at upper elevations. Much of the blowing snow appeared to be blasted into the atmosphere, but isolated leeward features were forming hard slabs.
Snowpack: I went hunting for fresh Wind Slab formation on the south half of the compass and found many leeward features to be blasted by the wind and not forming fresh hard slabs. One small south-facing feature near treeline was well-drifted, around a foot deep, and produced propagating test results while I was isolating the column. This location had two distinct thin slabs (up to pencil hard) stacked above a melt-freeze crust. This feature was adjacent to a good-sized northerly fetch. Surprisingly, I was not able to trigger this slope by stomping around. In this area, I was able to identify drifted features by a smooth-ish appearance.
I also dug a quick profile on a west-facing near treeline slope to gather more data on the Persistent Slab problem. Here the slab was 70cm thick and up to pencil hard. No results in standard ECT, but when I removed most of the slab, I was able to get a propagating result. The weak layer was 4finger minus in hardness and 1-1.5mm in size and rounding.