Washington Gultch

CBAC2014-15 Observations

Names: Scott, Krista, Will
LOCATION: Washington Gulch
ELEVATION: 9,300- 9,700
WEATHER: Clear and calm

SNOWPACK/AVALANCHE OBS: Traveled primarily in low angle terrain in valley bottom.  Noticed large collapses, and cracks traveling upwards of 100ft, primarily in areas that were more north facing and wind affected.  Although a ECT on E aspect showed no result, and in this particular spot the midpack seemed to be interfacing well with the December 13th layer.  Thin crust found on more southerly and steeper aspects.  Intact buried surface hoar found near the surface on all aspects.  On northern aspects the midpack had deteriorated to points where ski penetration was over 75% of the snowpack. Small natural avalanche seen on S, SE aspect below the Gothic Spoon.